About Me

I am Tanbin Hasan. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a professional SEO Expert. I got practical SEO training from BITM in Dhaka. I got a clear direction about SEO from this institute. Basically, I took SEO as my passion and occupation. Because I love SEO.

SEO is a term which is used for a website about its ranking in SERP. And this process will be must organic way. My thinking is different from another SEO expert in many aspects. At first, my thinking is that I want to optimize a website by white hat method. I create backlink for a website only authority site. I believe that high DA & PA site is helpful for ranking a site properly.

Most of the time my client wants to know that, I have practical SEO knowledge with a website. Yes, I have a website where I work practically with my content. I ranked my website first page on google. So, If my any client want to see details about my website I personally manage this.

However, I believe as an SEO expert that Digital marketing, blogging & online business is a timely revolution in the 21st century. Today everyone is more digital from last century. Because Today every products & service are online based. So, You have not any chance to doubt about this digital revolution. And for this reason, you must believe that website is king. Without website selling any digital product or service is impossible. Not only the digital product but also the physical product is today selling over online.

Many of my clients want to know why I impressed to work with SEO. I want to say that every man has an own passion for his/her life. Like them my passion is SEO. How do I help my customer? At first, I select my client then I provide them the service.

Sometimes I find some client who wants to work with me in the Black Hat method. But I am not a Black Hate optimizer. I work only with White Hate method. How my service is trustful. Most of my clients provide me a good rating for my organic service. My service is fully fraud-free. You can clear this by following my honest client ratings. All of my clients are happy with my services. If anyone wants to contact with me. You can contact with me by Linkedin.

Best of luck

Tanbin Hasan.